Starting Out

by Jenny Scheinman on April 4, 2011

(Victoria, BC March 26,2011)
So I think this is the perfect opportuninty to try to BLOG. I’m travelling accross Canada with Bruce Cockburn, already been in Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria, heading to Nanaimo tomorrow. Gary Craig, the drummer, is taking some pics so hopefully I’ll post a few of those in the next few days.

We are travelling in a beautiful tour bus – 12 bunks, 8 riders (bruce, me, Gary, Russ the monitor man, Jon the sound/tour manager, Trevor the tech/stage manager, Tyler lights, and recently Bernie Finkelstien who is Bruce’s manager of 40 odd years.) Generally we travel by cover of night and wake up in the new city outside either the venue or the hotel, but to be honest, I’ve been so excited I haven’t been able to sleep and have seen the sun rise three days in a row.

The halls where we’ve played have all been sold out and it has been my great honor to open the night with a half hour or so of my own songs. I’ve never played solo before this unless you count the “strolling” gig in an Italian restaurant when I was 18 or the busking I did on the NY subway. I was warned that Canadians can be polite, and that Canadians might not hoot and holler, but quite the contrary! They’ve been more than putting up with me, they’ve been buying shit! Selling loads of CDs and if thats the objective….measure of one’s merit, then I’m doing OK out here by my lonesome.

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